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Alot of Favs. Alot of Favs.

There is AWESOME art in here that ya should see, if ya want. :iconflappy-vlad:

Gyspy Favs

Pictures of my MLP OC, Gypsy. 8D


Favorite pictures of Gypsy

Name: Gypsy
Age: 10 yrs
Species: Changeling
Personality: She's a sweet and caring changeling unlike her brothers and sisters. She still feeds off love but the love it given to her. NOT taken.
Bio: Gypsy was born to a huge family of changelings. Her mother loved them all but she always felt different. She felt to crowded in her large family. So, she decided to leave. One day, She stumbled upon a small town called Ponyville. There she met her friends and made her life to live. Gypsy is also a kind Changeling. She's not like her brothers and sisters.

MLP:FIM: Gypsy Stamp by AvatarRaptor

MLP:FIM: Gyspy's Ref Sheet by AvatarRaptor MLP:FIM: Friends Please? by AvatarRaptor MLP:FIM: Can I has Hugs? by AvatarRaptor MLP:FIM: Under his Control by AvatarRaptor MLP:FIM: Gyspy on the Grid by AvatarRaptor MLP:FIM: Dancing Gypsy by AvatarRaptor MLP:FIM: ~Loves~ by AvatarRaptor MLP:FIM: Fun in the sky by AvatarRaptor Gyspy Box Slide! {REQUEST} by SNlCKERSGypsy by Hexfloog Gyspy Sketch by Ampstellar93 PonyCom - Gypsy by MiCkEyM0o


DP Friends Stamp 1 by DP-StampsVlad You're Being Epic Again by DP-StampsDanny Stamp 1 by DP-StampsFentonxPhantom Stamp by DP-StampsI Love Danny Phantom Stamp by DP-StampsI Support DannyxOC stamp by DP-StampsI Support DP OCs Stamp by DP-StampsDxS and DxOC Stamp by DP-StampsHalfa Sue Stamp by DP-StampsDead Halfas stamp by The-Clockwork-CrowSTAMP- My OC by FukaiAll Original Character Stamp by yoshimiU23Stamp: I draw my OCs sexy by Jeshika-HarunoOC hating is pointless stamp by SalaMolaOCs Stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps

Gargoyles Fan Stamp by LeonaWindriderBrooklyn fan stamp by NeomaeGargoyles Goliath by LifeSong-SoulLove

Ben 10 Stamp by LoudNoisesBen 10 Baby Big Chill Stamp by invader-himeI LOVE BEN10 AF stamp by Miniyuna

Beast Boy stamp by TwinTwosGirlBeast Boy stamp by sketchingserendipityRaven Stamp by HiddencryingBB and Raven Stamp by Hiddencrying

Nightcrawler Stamp by Kat-KoshkovaKURT POPCORN by ThePhantomDragonNightcrawler Stamp by LeftiesRevenge

Stamp: Avatar Fan by avatar-fanAvatar Stamp by CallistoHime

.Danny Phantom Stamp. by White-WolfenDanny Phantom Stamp by ecokitty:thumb122737365:Danny Phantom Stamp by ecokittyDanny Phantom FAN by LittleStar87Danny Stuck in a Stamp by ecokittyDP: I Heart Phantom Stamp by Grey-Ghostly-TsubasaEvil eyes stamp by Reddy-Phantom:thumb122737365:

Avatar Stamp by Chiron178Stamp: Avatar by DemonDragonSaerAvatar Stamp by CharmeggumsStamp: Jake by DemonDragonSaerStamp: Neytiri 2 by DemonDragonSaerI see you- stamp by RebelshadeStamp: Neytiri by DemonDragonSaer

Cartoon Watcher Stamp by Toonfreak:thumb138934231:Stamp: I love my OC(s) by Jeshika-HarunoOc Stamp by JeDoreStampsStamp - OCs and Fanart by noodle-of-doomMy OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27OC stamp by SuyyOC's Are My Babies by Foxxie-ChanAnimation by SimbaTheHuman

Miniature schnauzer stamp by Tollerka:thumb91708378:Beagle Love Stamp by cloudratBeagle Stamp I by seremela05I Heart my Daschunds Stamp by geothebio:thumb79799207:Adopt a shelter animal stamp by DreamcastsMini Schnauzer Love Stamp by cloudratI talk to my dog stamp by zelda-pianogirlgreyhound stamp by shelzieGreyhound Love Stamp by cloudratgreyhound by docyboy123

Back from my hiatus

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 20, 2015, 10:05 AM
Greetings all. Been a very long time sense I have written or even updated anything on here on my dA account. I think it's about time for me to get off my hiatus and start doing the art thing again.

I have been drawing recently, which is a good thing. I missed it sense I haven't done it for a long time. Been drawing my new favorite OC, Yukon, and some old OCs like Gypsy, Parker, Terrance, and so on. I plan on drawing more of them OCs and psing pictures too.

I do say sorry to all those people whom I lost contact with. My hiatus came without warning. And, Playing Wizard101 didn't help it what so ever. Now that my spite for the game is dying, my drawing ideas are coming forward more then it did some time ago. I hope to have more drawings and art wise stuff up here on dA in the next month. It's dry season where I live. Which means I plan on not going anywhere or doing anything due to the weather. Just work at my job is about it. But, eh.

Anyway, I hope ya'll will forgive my hiatus I had and welcome me back to this place. I missed it in a way. Let's just hope I don't lose contact with this place yet again in the future.

But, that is it.

Avvie out!


Journal Skin by: Zaellrin
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  • Listening to: Fall Out Boy.
  • Reading: nothing. Any suggestions?
  • Watching: nada
  • Playing: Wizard101
  • Eating: chesse nips
  • Drinking: throwback Mtn. Dew


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am AvatarRaptor. AKA: Avvie

My Love is ~:iconlost-in-dreams138:~

I am a rabid Pony fan. ^^

My OCs are Gypsy the Changeling and Bear Paw the Earth Pony with the long ears.

What I draw is my Hobby and what I enjoy. I draw MLP:FIM and OCs for MiseryHigh



MLP:FIM: Playful Little Bug by AvatarRaptor
MLP:FIM: Playful Little Bug
OH Gypsy, why you do this so many times? You crazy girl you.

Anyway, Gypsy is just showing off herself again. She seems to love to show off herself. But, She don't care. Whatever catches a ponies eye, it seems. Crazy girl.


MLP:FIM (c) to Hasbro
Gypsy (c) to me
MLP:FIM: Gypsy The Kirin by AvatarRaptor
MLP:FIM: Gypsy The Kirin
I wanted to try my hand at something totally off the bat and make Gypsy into a Kirin. 8D

She looks Awesome as a Kirin. I based the Kirin design off the ones from Wizard101. I might draw her a few times in this form. It's very amazing and she looks so cool. 8D

Enjoy the Kirin Gypsy

MLP:FIM (c) to Hasbro
Gypsy (c) to me
MLP:FIM: Walks with the Moon. by AvatarRaptor
MLP:FIM: Walks with the Moon.
I photoshopped this picture a while back and now i'm finally getting around to upload it. Goodness me. This is what I get for going away. oh well.

Anyway, Just a picture of Eclipse, my bat pony, walking with the moon beside him. IF he could be a guard for Luna, he so would.


MLP:FIM (c) Hasbro
Eclipse (c) to me
W101: Tabitha DragonTalon. by AvatarRaptor
W101: Tabitha DragonTalon.
My Awesome Pyromancer from Wizard101, Tabitha DragonTalon. Right beside her is her pet, Baby Kitty, a bailador flamenco. Tabitha is ready to fight any boss that stand in her way with her awesome dragon wand staff. She will fight fire with fire if have too.

Anyway, enjoy

W101 (c) to KI
Tabitha tis mine.
Parker’s beer glass sat empty in front of him as he sat waiting in the Grizzly Inn. The long days of him waiting to break the news to his son was over. He was finally going to say it. He was finally going to say what he meant to say to the boy for many years. He sighed happily with a smile on his lips as he tipped the glass to an angle.

As he signaled to the bartender to refill his glass, Yukon Berland walked in. The boy was tall and looked wasted already as college took its toll on him. His hair was short in the back but long in the front. A long strand of hair ran in front of his ear with a brown bead with red stripes on it. He was Codi’s son.

Parker waved to Yukon as the boy waltz his way over to him with a smile.

“Hey Uncle Parker.” He greeted him while ordering up a beer for himself and taking a seat beside him.

“Hello Yukon.” Parker nodded as the bartender walked over, handing the two a beer.

The two men clanked glasses together as they took a sip of their delicious beer. Yukon’s glass hit the counter first as he let out a sigh of relief.

“That’s the stuff. I defiantly needed that to settle my nerves.” Yukon moaned as he tapped the side of the glass.

“Classes getting hard on you?” Parker asked as he took another sip.

“Yeah. You could say that. I mean, there’s more to say but I’m not willing to share, if you don’t mind. Kinda want to keep some things to myself.” Yukon replied.

“No no. It’s okay. We all got our secrets.” Parker shrugged as he, once again, took a sip of his beer.

“Yeah. I wish I could tell people my issues but no one will like them. They would hate them.” Yukon added.

Parker just shrugged as he stared at his beer glass.

“Anyway, what did you want to tell me? I know you have something to tell me because you’ve been building whatever it is up to say to me for the weeks we’ve been drinking here. I know there’s something.” Yukon stated as his fingers tapped on the bar counter.

“Well, at first you won’t believe me and I understand that. I mean, you’ve been basically lied to for you entire life.” Parker paused then continued. “Your mother lied to you. Your father has lied to you but I bet he didn’t know or even noticed. Hell, Even Chesney lied to you.” Parker clenched his fist as the anger in him was building up with nerves to join along.

“What do you mean my mother and my father lied to me? What are you getting at?” Yukon snapped as he was about to get off his stool to leave.

“What I am getting at, Yukon, is that Martin is not your fuckin father. I am.” Parker unclenched his fist as he picked up his beer to drink the rest of it.

Yukon laughed a bit as he stared at Parker with confusion. “You must be yanking my bear ears.”

“I am not yanking your damn ears, Yukon!” Parker snapped at him as a soft growl lifted from his throat. “That damn silly lame of a bear is not your father. I am. I’ve been wanting to tell you for so long but Codi wouldn’t allow me to do so. She doesn’t want to ruin what she has with Martin.” Parker rolled his eyes and so badly needed another beer.

Yukon was silent. His dark complexion caught in the dim light of the bar as his face was filled with shock of the news. “How? How can you be my father?” He finally spoke up.

“Oh Come on, Yukon! Look at you! You look nothing like him. Martin is as white as a sheet of paper and your skin is darker then your mothers’. You look nothing like your brothers and sisters. You got the dark brown hair, the built of me, and best of all, you turn into a grizzly bear when you transform while the rest are black bears. If that doesn’t put up signs for you then I don’t know what!” Parker snarled and slammed his fist onto the counter making the bartender to turn and look.

Yukon sighed angrily as he glared at Parker. “All this time you knew and you’re now finally telling me this?”

“Yes. But I would have told you sooner if your mother allowed me. Listen to what I am saying, Yukon.”

“I don’t have to listen to a damn word you’re saying. There is no way my mother would ever sneak behind MY father’s back just to mate with you.”

“Oh. How wrong you are. How do you think you came to be?”

“I think I came to be from when my mother and father mated in the mated tent. That’s what she told me.” Yukon lashed as he was about to hit Parker in the face.

“Oh no. That’s not how.” Parker chuckled. “I can remember that night as if it was yesterday. Codi and I were in Chesney’s home the week before she was getting married to Martin. We both went into heat at the same time. The heat took hold of us and we mated with each other. That was the best night of my life. That’s how you came to be. Ever sense then, we kept it a secret. Eventually Chesney found out that Codi, his own daughter, has done something bad. Now she has to live with what she has done. And that is you, my boy.”

“Don’t call me that. And I am not your boy.” Yukon lashed out as he took a sip of his beer.

“Yes. You are my boy. You want the DNA test? I have them with me just in case you want to know for sure.” Parker began to dig around in his heavy jacket, looking for a folded up letter.

“Why the hell not? You want to say that I’m your son, I want to see the cold hard stone proof that I am.”

“Fine. Here’s the proof.” Parker said as he finally found the letter and sat the bended up letter in front of Yukon. Yukon took it up in a hurry and opened it.

Yukon’s face went from concentration to shock as he kept reading the letter of proof. He couldn’t believe what his eyes where reading. Parker was his father no matter what he was trying to get at.

“I can’t believe that my own parents lied to me and told me, for my whole damn life, that Martin is not my father. That my true father was the one who I kept calling ‘Uncle’.” Yukon’s anger was building up more as fangs emerge from his mouth.

“I know how you feel. You’ve been lied to for most of your life.”

“Yeah.” Yukon nodded in agreement as he tried to settle down some. “I just don’t know what to think about this whole thing now. That you’re my father and not the one who I called my father.” Yukon bit his lip as he handed the letter back to Parker.

“At least you know now. I know Codi won’t be too happy with me mentioning it to you. She might come after me and cut my throat open but it’ll buff out.” Parker shrugged and took the letter back, tucking it away in his jacket.

Yukon exhaled a long moan of anger as he got up from his seat. “I’m going to go and talk to my mother. I want to see what she has to say about this. I apologize in advance if she comes after you to, uh, cut your throat out. I just want to know her side of the story. I want to see her face and see how she reacts when she knows damn well she lied to me. No wonder I always got the cold shoulder from Martin. It’s her fault. Both of yours fault. And I thought mating with the enemy was worst but this just tips the bottle. I’ll see you around. Hopefully not dead with your throat cut open. Bye Parker.” And with that, Yukon up and left leaving Parker alone at the bar with an empty glass and a hurt expression.

The End.
MH: Let the truth come out
A short story of Parker hanging out with Codi’s son, Yukon. He ends up telling the boy a secret he has kept to himself for a while. Enjoy reading.

Yukon and Parker (c) to me :D

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gypsy is so cute ^_^
Mon Sep 16, 2013, 1:45 PM
*kisses Gyspy forever* :meow:
Thu Sep 12, 2013, 7:51 PM
*hugs you cutely* c:
Wed Sep 4, 2013, 12:10 AM
Gypsy: *kisses back*
Wed Aug 14, 2013, 10:14 PM
*kisses Gyspy*
Fri Aug 9, 2013, 10:56 PM
Thu Jan 24, 2013, 9:05 PM
Hey Peps, say something!
Mon Dec 24, 2012, 9:10 PM
Gypsy and Princess Amanita shipping :P
Fri Aug 3, 2012, 10:42 PM
Tue Jul 17, 2012, 2:46 AM
Mon Jun 25, 2012, 11:10 PM


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